Over-seeding is a great way to naturally develop a thick, lush, healthy turf. Since the pesticide ban is now upon us, over seeding has never been more important. The thicker your lawn is, the less weeds – period. We only use top quality seed blends, focusing on Kentucky Blue grass.

What is over-seeding?
Over-seeding is the practice of adding new grass seed into your lawn. It is a very important step that helps keep your lawn thicker by filling in the thin areas, discouraging weeds from infesting the lawn. Thick lawns effectively “choke out” the weeds! Over-seeding is also done to replace older grass by introducing new entophyte enhanced cultivars of grass that require less water, less fertilizer, and resist insect and disease pressures.

Over-seeding is most effective when it is done in the spring and in the fall. Typically, the weather is not too hot, precipitation is prevalent and the conditions are ideal for establishing turf.