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Aerating your lawn is the single most important service that we offer.

What Is Core Aeration?
Aerating your lawn entails using a core aerator to remove cores of soil from the lawn; about 10 plugs per square foot. These cores will naturally break down in a week or two, adding valuable natural compost.

What Does Core Aeration Do?
Thatch in the lawn is the layer of dead grass, leaves and other debris that reside just above the soil line. Some thatch in the lawn is needed because it helps retain soil moisture, shades the root system, and prevents erosion. But too much thatch built up in lawn (more than 1/2 inch thick) can and will cause problems.

The biggest problem with having too much of a thatch layer in your lawn is the issue of root development. A thick lawn is only thick because it has a thick root system. A problem occurs, however, when your thatch layer is so thick that water can’t penetrate properly, especially in the summer. If water can’t soak in deep, grass roots turn upward to get that water, and they become shallow and will thin out over time. The more grass roots that die from shallow conditions, the thicker and thicker the thatch layer becomes. It’s a cycle that causes major damage. Ever walk on a spongy lawn? That is almost always an indicator of a thatch issue.

Another major issue with thatch is that this is the zone where insects are more likely to flourish in your lawn, particularly the infamous chinch bug. Chinch bugs thrive in a thick layer of thatch; moreover, a variety of pathogenic turf grass fungi can be found within a thatch layer. By keeping the thatch layer on your lawn to a minimum, you will reduce turf damage from insects and disease.

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